• Infinity building, San Francisco, California

    LIPO CHING PHOTOGRAPHY : Architectural images and Drone work

  • LiPo Ching is an award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker currently exploring architectural and drone photography in 2017.


    See LiPo's main photo and video website here: http://lipoching.strikingly.com/

    Check back to see updates.

  • Architectural Photo Studies


    Oracle Headquarters in Redwood City, California

    Apple Park

    Cupertino, California

    TusPark (Tsinghua University Science Park)

    Zhongguancun Science Park zone, Beijing China

    Jin Mao Tower

    Shanghai, China

    Songdo IBD (International Business District), South Korea

    Women pick weeds in Central Park in Songdo IBD (International Business District), Incheon, Korea. A green oasis in the in the middle of the city, Central Park comprises almost 10% of Songdo IBD's total acreage. The six mixed-use towers and hotel in the background are designed by HOK New York - the three towers on the right were described by the architect as waltzing ladies.

    Taipei 101

    Taipei, Taiwan


    Oracle Headquarters in Redwood City, California



    Apple Park, Cupertino, CA

    Real Estate Listing: 23540 Belmont Circle, Salinas, CA

    Drone sample from a documentary work-in-progress.

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